Reason to Choose Us

We’re entrepreneurs and business people – just like our clients – and we know that it’s important to develop softwares that meet specific business goals. We’ve developed accounting systems, launched our own SaaS cloud product and we believe that we have the experience and expertise to develop a software that best suits your unique requirements. We’re not just technical people or just business people – we’re both. We believe that our deep understanding of business’ concerns, couple with our technical expertise makes us a competent and reliable service provider.

We’re mid-sized

This means we have enough people in our team to handle large projects and nimble enough to deliver personal services. No matter what problem you’re facing, unexpected or not, we’ll be right with you. There isn’t such an project too small or too big for us to deal with.

Equipped systems team

From firewalls to databases and system security, our systems team is equipped with the right knowledge and expertise. Whether its Cisco, Linux or Windows, our in-house systems administration team has the skills to deliver a custom software that helps your company improve communications and provide solutions to your technical problems.

Technical and business know-how

Our management level executives not only know how to run a business, they also have technical experience and knowledge. It’s rare to find talented individuals who possess these qualities and we’re confident that our management team can assist in helping you create softwares that are relevant to technological trends. 

We have been building customised software for years and we have delivered numerous products with various technological tools. With a team of skilled managers and developers, we have a wide range of technical expertise and have the know-how to solve various problems. Not only do we have a the breadth in terms of technical expertise, we also posses the depth to solve complex problems. Whether you need a software for online purchasing, complex reporting, or a system that runs with your infrastructure, we’re believe that we can come up with a good solution.

Strong infrastructure

Our team believes that a strong infrastructure is the foundation for all software development. Through the years, we have invested in incorporating many technological tools to help us serve you better. With an efficient logging system, we are able to find a solution to your challenges effectively.

These days, development tools are more advanced, which allows developers to deliver better and quicker results. However, there’s a slight disadvantage with this – many developers become reliant on these tools and they are out of touch with how computer systems really work. Although not every project requires a deep understanding of computer systems, there are situations where having a deep technical knowledge matters. We understand that it’s important for us to have a deep understanding of computer systems and we’re ready to meet these problems when they arise. Whether an innovative solution is required or whether you need to consult us on a confidential problem, we’re up for the challenge.

More than a development company

Through developing our own products and software, we have gained valuable knowledge and practical experience that will benefit clients. From search engine optimisation to localisation, we are able to handle a wide range of challenges with innovative solutions.

Our stance towards Intellectual Property Rights is straightforward. Once the project is finished and the final payment is processed, the rights will be assigned to the client. Unlike other IT companies, we do not try to retain copyright and charge “licence fees”. When you’re satisfied with the product, it’s yours.

We are reliable

Above all our technical expertise, the most important quality we pride ourselves in is our reliability. We have been in this business for many years and we have never accumulated and debts. We have a strong client base, many of which are repeat clients. Additionally, we have never failed in any of our projects and have always made it a point to go over and beyond what is expected. In some cases, we have even made some losses while trying to deliver far more than the original brief. To us, excellence is of utmost importance.

Having worked on many long term projects, we’ve also built long term relationships with our clients and we hope to foster a fantastic relationship with you tool

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