About Us

Cloud Software Services Company Singapore – About Us

Cloud Tech Ventures Pte Ltd (“Cloud Tech”) is a software services company in Singapore that develops and maintain system applications that help businesses and organizations succeed. Our systems help create competitive advantage through the effective and creative use of technology so our client can be a game changer in their respective industry vertical. Through our many years of experience, we have developed and internalized “best practices” for managing our software development lifecycle and accumulated practical “Hands on” experience on implementing and rolling out the systems. We are change agents that assist our client to overcome various “real world” challenges to adopt and adapt to technology systems and new processes that will streamline or automate their tedious tasks.

Our Products and Services

Our system can provide real-time analytics and big data insights into customer behaviours or identity information bottlenecks. Other emphasis is our system design approach focusing on user experience (UX) and carefully thought out user interface (UI) to maximize the productivity of each user- system interaction

Our software and cloud hosting services can be delivered without costly investment in IT infrastructures and Departments. Our applications can be hosted on Public / Hybrid Cloud or On-premise. With our many years of experience, we propose and recommend sound and practical server architecture that best served our client needs and budget.

Here at Cloud Tech, we hope we can be part of your plan for the successful deployment of this mobile app and system. It is important to find a software development company that can fully understand your business requirements and deliver a reliable application timely. A proper deployment of the system will require the expertise of several skill sets such as graphic works, server-side application, API integration, mobile app development, User Experience design (UX/ UI), cloud architecture and deployment.

Our Singapore onshore team is ready with our years of experience to ensure that we can fulfil your needs. We will be able to anticipate problems in advance and point out suggestions to fine-tune your app workability, this will be invaluable for a seamless, high performing user experience. We’ll design and develop a powerful mobile application and system that will anticipate and respond to user needs and expectations, and appropriately reflect your brand in look and feel.


o Many Years of Experience in Software and IT Infrastructure Solution for Various Industry Vertical
o Both Proprietary Developed and Open Source Software  for deployment and customization
o Strong Management Team and Developers. The founder has over 10 years of IT project management experience and good team of project managers and software developers