Safe and Secure File Sharing System for Business

Share your files and document with colleagues and clients securely with our file sharing system

File Sharing System


Cloud Tech File Sharing, Sync, Storage – A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps for users to share and sync their files securely. Collaborate better and add value to your business and clients

Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere! Our collaboration capabilities are key to its use by employees.We supports features like quick access to contacts through the Contact Menu, expiration dates on internal shares, independent group handing by users ,ability to edit links shared through Collabora Office Online and more. Export and Share in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Integrated audio/video communication . System features screen sharing and will come with chat and moderator abilities, enabling its use as a full web conferencing software. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available , making it possible to join audio/video calls, chat on the go and receive mobile push notifications.

Convenient Preview of Document , Image and Files . The Gallery application allows users to quickly get a full-screen preview of a document or image and also gives them the possibility to view all images found in a folder as a wall of thumbnails.

Mobile Apps push notifications so users know when a file has been shared or changed, showing comments on files, search for files on the server (including in the files not downloaded on the phone) increasing accessibility and convenience at fingertips of users

Integrated individual monitoring of instances (for Enterprise) through both the UI and an API endpoint (for Nagios, OpenNMS and other monitoring systems). It fetch information about CPU and memory usage as well as statistics on storage capacity, number of users, the number of shares, the server environment and more.

Open Source – No Licenses or Lock in . Customers are not tied to unfair contracts and no lock in.

Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use Web Interface


Flexible Sharing Options, Set password, Expiry Date, Edit or View only


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