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"What really turned me over was how Cloud Tech Team understand what i mean without me saying much. Their experiences in Web and Digital landscape sets them apart.
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Strategy and PLANNING

We sit down and understand your needs before providing a Website design and Value proposition of your services . Unlike a one-size fits all template approach . We find unique ways to make your company stand out in a consistent and attractive manner on all web and digital platforms

” Beauty is only Skin Deep “

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First impressions count. With so many distractions in the spanned digital age. Website design services need to engage – and that takes more than just a pretty web design. You need to understand your audience – construct meaningful Sales Funnel and Call to Actions,  To add on, we can build content and experiences or useful services and applications for them

Are you really engaging your customers ? 


All Web projects have a lifecycle. It takes a team of various skillset from graphic design , Web technical development and infrastrusture support to pull off. To achieve a stable and sustainable project with continuous improvement is not the work of an individual . There where Cloud Tech makes a difference in Website Design Singapore. Our Team ensures your project is smooth from the day starts to the day you scale to global demand.  Website Design Services need to be intricately planned before a single line of code is created, or perhaps they simply need ongoing maintenance, support and optimization. Whichever the scenario, our team will assist you throughout the digital project’s lifecycle.

Understand, Implement, Optimize  

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Real Time Analytics

View your visits and bounce rates - understand what is working and whats not . Make adjustments and optimize your website .


Global e-Commerce and Multilingual

Grow your business and ship anywhere in the world. Support Multiple Languages with auto translation


Full Ecosystem of Apps and Plugins

We work well with or without web plugins. Depending on the situations, we can recommend to improve your overall user experience or speed up certain implentation. We build our own plugins too !

App development

Amazingly responsive

Work across all mobile, tablet, desktop. Consistent and Well thought out Website design services will create an impression on your brand.


Community builder

Engage your social media audience. Cloud Tech website design service full integrates with Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

business Branding

User Experience and Interface

Carefully thought out design optimize each user-system interaction to maximize your user engagements

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Over the years , Cloud Tech Team have guided organizations to achieve outstanding results